The Story so Far…

Thought it was about time we checked in and gave an update of where we’re at and where we’re going.

It’s still early days, but after nearly two and a half months we’ve had 30,000 downloads across 80 different countries; from Canada to Kazakhstan, and from the US to Uganda! So I’ll be honest, we’re pretty chuffed with that!

More importantly – we’ve received loads of great feedback from users, saying how much they like the app, and what features they’d like to see in future versions. We love the feedback, so please keep the comments coming.

So, what brilliant stuff have we got planned over the next few months? In a word, loads! Check this lot out…

• New, all singing, all dancing iPhone version of Absolute Abs. Loads more exercises, 36 brand new workouts, 3 complete programmes, video demos of the exercises, and a build your own workout function (phew!). Ok, for all this you’ll have to pay… but not much. We’re talking 69p, or $1. Which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is a complete bargain! When will it be available? Expect it in a store near you (i.e the App Store!) by the end of February.
• For those of you toting an awesome Android phone, then you too will soon be able enjoy the power of Absolute Abs. Our developers are working around the clock on the ‘Droid version in their top secret ‘App Development Lair’, deep under the Scottish Highlands… This is slated to hit the Android store at the end of February.
• We’ve just finished the material for a second app! It provides circuit training/boot-camp style bodyweight workouts, and is loaded up with various types of squats, lunges, push-ups and squat thrusts (and lots of other lovely exercises). These workouts will give you a top notch total body workout. Look out for it on iPhone and Android in the spring, just in time to get yourself in top nick for your summer holidays.
• We’ve also got big plans for further updates for both apps. The initial versions focus on bodyweight exercises, meaning you get a great workout anytime, anywhere. The updates we’ve got planned will give you dozens more exercises across both apps, utilising the single most brilliant piece of exercise equipment ever invented – the humble, but completely brilliant, dumbbell. Forget machine weights; forget kettle-bells (they’ve just got a better PR machine!), dumbbells are the business. They’re cheap, portable and can be used effectively in a million and one ways. You’ll be introduced to exercises with mysterious names such as the Turkish get-up and renegade row. You’ll learn how to clean, swing and row. All of which will equal a bunch of brilliant workouts. We can’t wait to get these new updates out there and introduce you to some of the most effective exercises and workouts you’ll ever do.

That’s all for now, but we’ll be in touch again soon.

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